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BodySpace, Boutique Workouts in Marrickville

A hybrid studio focused on community and cohesion.

When asked to pick a song that describes her new Pole Dancing, Barre and Pilates studio, co-founder and CEO, Kimberley Mahoney, had to pick three – ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge, ‘Spice Up Your Life’ by the Spice Girls and ‘Superstylin’’ by Groove Armada.

Unified, energetic, and sexy; the most important emotions to experience whilst working out.

New Workout Space in Marrickville

BodySpace is Marrickville’s new hybrid studio and boasts all the components of a boutique fitness facility – complementary solo practice sessions, end-of-trip facilities with hair and body care products, hand-picked instructors, air conditioning and newly renovated interiors.

Located on Shepherd Street, the studio is a stone’s throw from the suburb’s most popular pubs and cafes (Two Chaps, Lox in a Box, Sauce Brewing), so you can curate the perfect weekend morning or weekday evening around your class.

Interview - Pole Dancing, Barre and Pilates studio

We sat down with Kimberley to learn more about her new studio:

What makes your studio different to others in the area?

We have designed our studio to include Pole and Pilates together. This means that our members can enjoy all the benefits of Pole coupled with the remedial benefits of Reformer and Barre Pilates.

We have a flexy membership and class booking system in place where members can design a package that suits their attendance frequency, and book in/out of the classes of their choosing each day/week. Our Reformer studio also has a boutique offering with only five beds so our students can get a private class feel at group class pricing.

Owner of Workout Space in Marrickville

What do you look for when you hire each of your instructors?

First and foremost, we look for individuals who are passionate about what they do. Whether we are hiring a trainer with years under their belt, or someone who is just starting their journey – passion and a love for people is essential. You can be the best pole dancer out there, but this does not mean you will be the best teacher.

As an instructor, you are not only someone’s fitness coach – you become their mentor, especially when it comes to pole. You help people overcome barriers, physical and emotional. The classroom is a safe space for people to come together, feel safe, be themselves, train, and have fun – and our instructors play a large role in this. Technical skills are also essential, so we do follow a rigorous syllabus and ensure all our coaches (experienced and new) are trained to studio standards and follow a consistent methodology.

What do you want people to feel like when they walk into the studio?

Happy, at ease, safe, and surrounded by positivity with people they love. We want people to walk into their second home and feel excited to train each day while catching up with their studio friends. Community is what we look for the most and in fact, a lot of our members have met their lifelong friends at the studio.

What do you want people to feel like when they walk out of the studio?

Happy, exhilarated, motivated, and full of love, but also sweaty and perhaps a little sore from a very good workout.

Can you step us through what the structure of a pole dancing class would look like at Bodyspace?

A pole dancing class (like all our other classes) starts with a 10-15-minute full-body warm-up. Our warm-ups are tailored to each level and gradually increase in difficulty as our students grow. These include elements of strength and flexibility. We’ll then tackle the pole tricks outlined in our syllabus and finish off with learning elements of the term choreography designed for the level.

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All our pole levels are eight weeks long, follow a bespoke syllabus, and students learn a new three-minute choreography each term. Students can feel at ease attending any class each week knowing that all classes will follow the same syllabus, and at the same rate.


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