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Maggie’s Rescue July 2023 - Available for Adoption

Spice: 1 year old - Cattle Dog Cross

Spice is a super sweet girl and very affectionate! She is always happy to get plenty of cuddles, loves to curl up next to you, but can also be independent and will happily leave you alone when you need space. She gets on well with other dogs and loves to play with her dog pals. She is also confident in new and busy environments and will happily sit by you at the local cafe. Spice is really clever and learns new tricks with ease, and despite being a working breed she is not super high energy like you would expect, her main priorities are being around her humans and finding a family that can include her in their day-to-day life.

Wilbur: 5 years old - Border Collie

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a devoted and playful companion? Do you enjoy having an athletic and energetic dog, but also want an evening of cuddles on the couch? If this sounds like you, then Wilbur is your man! A charming 5-year-old Border Collie who is the perfect combination of playful, loving, and intelligent. Wilbur is an athlete and his preferred sport is fetch. He is keen to demonstrate his skills whether at the park or at home, with a ball or a soft toy. He is devoted to his family and will welcome you home with a whole body wag, always providing you company whether you’re working from home or out on a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Amber - 8 months old - Domestic Shorthair

Cuddly and playful, Amber loves to explore her foster home with her brother Coco and would do very well in a home with other friendly cats and kids! She very much enjoys leaping and diving with dangly toys, strings and balls. But, when you want a cuddle, she's always up for it, as long as you've developed a bond of trust first. And it's truly worth your while - Amber's head nuzzles and purrs are to die for.

Churros - 1 year old - Domestic Shorthair Churros is a loving and affectionate young lady - not to mention gorgeous! This confident ginger kitty adores hanging out with her foster carers, cuddling in bed (while sneaking in as many face smooches as possible) and surveying her kingdom from a high perch. A very well-rounded, sweet girl, Churros would fit into most loving homes.


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