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OneMusic Supports Australian Music With Audoo Audio Meter

The Audoo Audio Meter by OneMusic

It is no secret that Australia’s music industry has had some setbacks and challenges over the last three years. With the industry operating at four per cent in 2021 due to the pandemic, national organisations like music licensing body OneMusic Australia have been working on initiatives to create sustainable careers in the industry.

From our favourite local venues like The Great Club to long-standing Lazybones with live music seven days a week, Marrickville is teeming with talent and musicians deserve the right foundations to continue performing, touring and making music.

Audoo Audio Meter Launch

In the spirit of coming together, local businesses will be working with OneMusic to launch the latest technology helping in this plight. Coming out of the UK, the Audoo Audio Meter is a brand new device, set to change how music played in venues and businesses will be identified.

The Audoo Audio Meter is able to fingerprint music being played in venues to better reflect the royalties being paid to music creators. Tech company Audoo’s investors include some of the world’s most influential musicians such as ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus.

Beloved bar Miss Wolf on Marrickville Road is one of the first venues in the country to install the device. Passionate about music, business owner Gavin Andrews says: “I believe the arts and any form of entertainment should be supported properly.”

Opening in 2019, Miss Wolf has regular events including drag shows twice a week. Drawing in a crowd from every corner, the shows often play a range of music including iconic Australian artists Kyle Minogue, Vanessa Amorosi and Tina Arena.

2022 ARIA Song of the Year Winner, Tones and I is just one of the many high-profile Australian artists to participate in the Audoo launch. The names of music creators will be displayed on a selection of devices to reflect the impact of the technology.

As Spotify’s all-time most streamed female artist, Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey” has clocked over five billion streams, going quadruple platinum in the US and 11-times platinum in Australia. The launch has allocated close to 100 music creators with venues already including Casey Donovan, Client Liaison, Illy, John Foreman and Tash Sultana.

First Data From Audoo Audio Meter

Audoo Senior Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific, Matthew Fackrell says: “It is so pleasing to see in the first data back from the Audoo Audio Meter installs that some venues are huge fans of local music. A gym in Brisbane’s suburbs featured Ocean Alley, Pnau, Hermitude, Bag Raiders, Cosmo's Midnight, George Maple, Jungle Giants, Letters to Lions, Jack River, Lime Cordiale, Greta Stanley and Tash Sultana in their first plays, while a music store in Melbourne’s CBD featured KYE, Julia Jacklin, Sensient amongst others.” From around the country, businesses are showing a concerted effort to support the arts through this OneMusic initiative. These include restaurants, bars, dance studios and office spaces from Dead Ringer in Sydney’s Surry Hills to Brickhouse Gym in suburban Brisbane. Catherine Giuliano of OneMusic Australia says: “We are seeing an outpouring of support from businesses around the country and are optimistic at the very real impact the Audoo Audio Meter will have for our music creator members.”

A OneMusic licence gives you legal access to the majority of the world's music and brings you into the music economy, allowing even more music to be created. Providing licences to thousands of businesses around Australia, they play a big role in musicians sustaining healthy and thriving careers.

If you are a business interested in supporting this initiative please email


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