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Get Chaotic with Inner West Hot Spot, Chaotic Social!

Sausage Queen, Chrissy Flanagan talks about her brand-new solo venture, Chaotic Social.

Chaotic Social at night

Chrissy Flanagan on Chaotic Social

We caught up with the former Sausage Queen turned Chaotic Socialite to learn all about her newest venue, Chaotic Social – the Inner West’s newest hot spot for those looking to try something different. Over Sydney’s bar and nightclub scene? Chaotic Social could be just what you’re after.

An orange deluge of colourful crafts, unique experiences and collaboration, Chaotic Social is hard to define.

“The best description someone's used with me was, it's after-school care for adults, which I love. I've been describing it as ‘human connection through wholesome mayhem.’”

“I'm kind of taking a risk where the actual product is craft classes, and the real benefit of what I'm offering is human connection.”

With classes and workshops ranging from cheeky polymer earring making to chaotic improv to “rowdy” sausage making – Chaotic Social really does have something for everyone – although it tends to lean more adult in nature, some workshops will be teen friendly.

Accessibility seems to be one of the driving forces behind Chaotic Social’s founding.

“It's very neurodivergent inclusive - me having autism and ADHD myself. I also have a wheelchair ramp. So, I'm specifically trying to anticipate what can be done to make everybody feel comfortable, so long as they are comfortable in a bright orange room.”

Bright and extraordinary, much like its owner, we were able to chat with Chrissy the day before Chaotic Social’s official opening.

“I am absolutely packing it. Which is funny because I've been in business having venues and things for seven years now, but this is, I guess, the first thing I've done entirely by myself, so it feels a little extra scary,” said Chrissy of her first solo venture.

“It's exciting knowing that you don't need to compromise your ideas and negotiate with anyone on them. Of course, my previous businesses have been with my ex-partner, so obviously, that colours things, and we were largely very aligned on ideas. Still, it is like no one's more aligned than you violently agreeing with yourself.

“But because of that, I've really turned to social media as a sounding board, and the idea for the whole thing came sort of through conversations with other people”.

“With the exception of a couple of working bees, I've had where strangers from the internet have turned up to paint my place orange - which is amazing support - all the actual work has been me”.

entrance to Chaotic Social

Chrissy, who was incredibly open about the closure of her last venue, The Sausage Factory – has been sharing her experience with her ever-growing TikTok and Instagram audiences to the delight of her followers.

“My DMs are full of people begging me to franchise it. Seriously though, people are saying; Why am I in Queensland? I hate Queensland. And this is the only thing that would make me move to Sydney. I'm in Canada, but I'm going to come. Like, I'm going to book a holiday, and I'm going to come to this.”

The Mission of Chaotic Social

The heart of Chaotic Social is profoundly moving – recognising the desire and navigating the challenge of developing adult friendships.

“I think Sydney really does have a reputation that is very well deserved for being a really cold place socially,” said Chrissy.

“I have this theory that there are four main ways that you make friends: high school, university, work, and when you have kids - their friend's parents. So, if you don't do some of those in Sydney, and certainly if you don't do any of those, it's so hard to catch up.”

“I didn't grow up in Sydney, I didn't go to university in Sydney, so I kind of missed out on that. I made a lot of friends previously when I worked in politics and government, but now I work by myself, and I don't have children; I'm not going to have children. So, I was like, okay, well, that leaves me with the people I've met until now, I guess.”

“I've been dating over the last couple of months, and I swear that there are people who are dating purely for just like social friend contact”.

“People are always talking about how hard it is to make adult friends or that they want to make adult friends, but I’m hoping that people will actually be brave enough to show up and go, yes, this is something I want.”

Since its opening, Chaotic Social has been a resounding success. Luckily enough for us, Chaotic Social’s calendar is packed with exciting and eccentric workshops designed to teach new skills as well as to encourage everyone to mingle and connect. See you there!

To book a space in an upcoming class or to find out more, visit:

And keep up-to-date with Chrissy Flanagan, follow @chaoticsocialite on TikTok and Instagram

By Isabella Edwards


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