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MyBond, An Alternative to Rental Bonds

The bond you have with your rental journey is unbreakable. But not all relationships begin in marriage. People move for all sorts of reasons, such as moving closer to work, school, university, into a larger place to accommodate a growing family or start a new life. But, moving costs money, and these expenses quickly add up.

MyBond Is Disrupting Rental Bonds

The initial costs of moving with two weeks paid upfront as a deposit and another four weeks upfront for the rental bond is like highway robbery and pretty hefty on the piggy bank.

Getting off to a rocky start is inevitable, according to the annual WeMoney Financial Wellness Survey, with 60 % of Australians worrying about debt and 30 % living paycheck to paycheck. The survey also found many Australians are anxious about their financial future, and 20% don't have emergency savings.

Even if someone is working and earning a good wage, coming up with the rental bond, which is the most significant portion of the initial costs of moving to begin your rental journey, is as stressful as finding parking on King Street in peak hours. Let's face it. Rental in Australia isn't getting any easier. Too many of us are being frozen out of the market with the cost of moving and paying the rental bond upfront.

With over 8.3 million Australians (32% of the population) living in rental housing, there is a real need to disrupt this market and provide alternative funding solutions to pay rental bonds that run into the thousands on top of all the other moving expenses every time tenants move. The costs of the rental bond can be a significant barrier for people to move to ensure their living conditions fit their current life circumstances.

How MyBond Works

"One week only" implies that renters pay one week's rent, and MyBond handles the rest. Sounds too good to be true? MyBond allows renters to bond with their time and cash flow with an innovative new financial service that supports the underdog and disrupts the rental bond market.

MyBond helps people change, take control, and open up options for managing finances whilst moving houses. Unique & the first of its kind in the world, MyBond helps tenants pay their rental bond with a straightforward fee of just one week's rent or as little as $150* (T&Cs apply) by paying for the entire tenant's bond.

Simplify your rental bond journey with MyBond. Here's how it works. You apply online at Pay a fee to MyBond. MyBond pays your full rental bond to the Rental Bonds Online NSW Fair Trading. The rental bond is refunded to MyBond when you move out. Enjoy no interest. No repayments. No credit checks and buy back your bond at any time*(T&Cs apply).

MyBond is a service that is a solution to pay for your rental bond with a fast, easy and reliable solution that saves money and your time.

Reward your bond with your rental journey by spending the money you saved from your rental bond on moving costs, buying a new air fryer or other home appliances, or spoiling yourself with new fits or little luxuries.

MyBond's Story Since Founding

Since launching in March 2021, MyBond has already assisted hundreds of everyday Australians in New South Wales, particularly in Newtown and neighbouring suburbs, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and beyond and is committed to helping even more renters.

MyBond's social enterprise is enriched by its collaboration with local services and non-profit organisations to assist individuals and families who have been victims of domestic abuse in settling into a new life by offering a new method of paying the initial bond. Dedicated to improving families' lives and finances while supporting our diverse Australian community and trusted partner throughout a renter's life is MyBond's Vision.

Truth be told, some relationships are like renting; you go on a journey and can make choices to make or break that bond, but at MyBond, it's all about giving people flexibility and choice in how they pay and manage their rental bond and allowing someone to take control of where they want to live and when they want to live there.

Go on, apply now at or call 1800 342 342 MyBond "One week only”

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