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Kikoff Football

KIKOFF Football has fields and coaching to build soccer skills for young players & the young at heart.

a group of men playing soccer
Kikoff Football

It’s a new year & time to find fun new activities for the kids. KIKOFF is the perfect kid's activity with its unique spin on football skills & games that place ‘fun’ at the core of the experience.

Last year football fever swept the nation thanks to our incredible Matildas team, which has flowed through to KIKOFF according to Managing Director Oli Bramley, “We’ve seen a 62% increase in female players joining our programs over the past 6 months and a 28% increase in male players following the Women’s World Cup. Female participation has been growing over the past 8 years but there has definitely been a spike in the past few months at our locations.”

Bearing that in mind, before we dive deeper into each of the KIKOFF offerings we must first explore what exactly KIKOFF is. Simply put KIKOFF is your ultimate football facility with next-generation, all-weather, 5-a-side football pitches. But in all honesty, it’s even more than that. 

KIKOFF was founded by two men with an intense passion for football.

Myself and my uncle set the business up 15 years ago,” recalled Bramley. “We’re both big football fans and we’d seen what has happened in the game in the UK over the previous 20 years with the opening of 5-a-side facilities across the country allowing players to train and play competitively on synthetic pitches 7 days a week throughout the year.

Whether you’re planning a special birthday bash, seeking engaging holiday activities, or simply want to dive into the madness that is bubble soccer then KIKOFF has you covered. KIKOFF is a place where fun, excitement & sportsmanship come together to create lasting memories for every soccer enthusiast young & old. 

KIKOFF Football Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is a new craze taking over the internet & now you too can play a game of soccer inside a giant bubble. These sessions are perfect for up to 20 kids to have an hour of non-stop fun.

aerial shot of four football pitches
KikOff Football Pitches

During a game of Bubble Soccer players encase themselves inside KIKOFF’s safe, cushioned bubbles to bounce, roll & bump into each other in a hilarious & exciting spin on traditional soccer. The goal of each game isn’t simply to score more goals than the other team either, it’s all about having fun as you laugh, tumble & enjoy the beautiful game in a new way.

Ages 8-14 only

Kids Birthday Parties

Do you have a soccer-obsessed kid with a birthday on the horizon? Well, look no further than KIKOFF for their next unique & unforgettable birthday party.

Imagine the excitement as the birthday boy or girl, along with their friends, engage in an action-packed soccer adventure for 2 hours. KIKOFF birthdays aren't just about playing soccer either, so everybody will have a great time, as the kids celebrate fun, friendship & the joy of play.

During a KIKOFF birthday party, the coaches will ensure that everybody is involved & having a great time, regardless of skill level. Each party involves thrilling soccer games, skills challenges, & mini-matches, all tailored to keep kids entertained & active throughout. And the best part, as parents you don’t have to worry about anything because KIKOFF handle everything from the equipment to the organisation of games. So you can sit back & enjoy the party as well.

KIKOFF Football Coaching

If your child suddenly discovers a love for football after trying out Bubble Soccer or attending a birthday party, then KIKOFF can help elevate their skills further.KIKOFF’s weekly football coaching focuses on nurturing each child so they can go from grassroots to elite.

aerial shot of 3 football pitches at night
KikOff Football

KIKOFF’s soccer program has been specifically designed to elevate every child’s soccer skills through a mix of soccer drills and games. 

Focusing on age and ability-appropriate skills, the program develops fundamental movements and key aspects of gameplay including shooting, dribbling, passing, turning, attacking, defending and much more! 

Coaching sessions are guided by KIKOFF’s experienced coaching staff as they foster a fun and supportive environment that encourages teamwork & sportsmanship.

“Our programs are designed to act as an introduction to the sport for kids,” Bramley revealed. “Kids can play regularly with us but we aim to get them to a level where they can go on to represent at local, state or national level. There is no limit as to how much kids can play at our centres. If they are involved in our programs then they have unlimited use of the facilities to practice.”

Sessions run throughout the week during term time from Feb 5.


KIKOFF Football Coaching

It’s not just individual coaching either. If your club needs a training location and coach then KIKOFF have Team packages available. From $10 per player per week, your team can have their own coach and an all-weather pitch to train on for 25 weeks from March – September during the season.

KIKOFF also accept Active Kids Vouchers.

For more information head to KIKOFF’s website at


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