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Photo Archives - Marrickville

In a modern, fast-paced, internet-focused age the world around us has become a fleeting folly. However, for one young man, the history of Sydney has never been more important to focus on & highlight to the broader community.

Nathan Mete's love for history led him to start the page Retro_sydney, which has now amassed an incredible number of followers - 101,000 at last check.

While the images Nathan posts Retro_Sydney are stunning to look at, it’s the stories behind the pictures that makes them oh-so magical. Whether it’s a glimpse at a major transformation of an iconic place. A nostalgic rush for a time passed by. Or simply keeping someone's memory alive, photographs are a truly unique form of expression.

Neighbourhood Media is excited to have Nathan contribute to this month's issue with a selection of photographs. So, without any further ado let’s check out what he’s found for us this time:

1973: Marrickville Road, Marrickville: The 426 heading to Dulwich Hill on Marrickville Road on Christmas Eve, 1973

1971: Illawarra Road, Marrickville: The 423 heading to Earlwood on Illawarra Road near Thornley Street in late March 1971

1968: Victoria Road, Marrickville - The 426 en route to Dulwich Hill on Victoria Road near Chapel Street in late October 1968

Photos by: John Ward via City of Sydney Archives.


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