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GEM Wellness Warriors Inspire Men to be Themselves

Martin Gillespie is the founder and CEO of GEM Wellness Warriors, a consulting business designed for men, and founded in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic after many years of research. Its focus is the wellness of men in society.

GEM, which stands for G- Growth, E - Empathetic, M – Mindset, provides a place for men, and woman to feel safe to be themselves, to grow, to become more empathetic and to change their mindset to heart values.

Martin works with individuals and groups, and looks at questioning the preset mindset, challenge preset beliefs and look at the pillars of good wellness which includes the relationship with nutrition, sleep, connection and emotional wellbeing.

GEM Wellness Warriors came about after Martin’s personal journey which included trauma, divorce, parenting and overcoming stage 4 cancer. These experiences brought him to the conclusion that health wellness was the number one priority in life.

In Martin’s words, “Men's wellness is one of society's unspoken areas, which sadly also represents the global highest suicide rates in the world. More men in the age bracket 30 - 50 commit suicide than any other age group. We are programmed not to talk about emotions, about vulnerabilities, as these regardless of upbringing are not discussed openly.

More men would rather discuss the performance of their car than that of their health and wellness.”

Support for men's wellness has a society and perception challenge as it is still regarded as an emotional area of weakness if you ask / seek help.

We men, learn during the attachment years (Aged 0 - 7) not to show emotions, be strong, be brave, crying in a sign of weakness. We are not encouraged during our schooling to discuss matters of emotion, or from the heart.

As we develop we retreat into our 'man cave' and only show small amounts of emotion on a reactive basis. It is a common misconception that showing emotions are a sign of weakness in our society.”

Martin is a Board Member at Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and a firm believer that change is necessary in society, including the teaching of wellness, good nutrition, holistic health, connections and optimism.

Martin says, “There are many signs people show, not just men when needing help. An obvious one is their physical appearance, their mental state, the consumption of alcohol, the use of drugs / medication, withdrawing from social surroundings, constantly changing mind / plans, detachment in relationships, lack of sleep, the overuse of social media, the reliance of external validation for actions.”

To find out more about GEM Wellness Warriors and the important work they do, Martin can be contacted via Facebook.

Martin E Gillespie

GEM Wellness Warrior

Tel: + 61 413652170

ABN: 98250784197


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