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Introducing an Extraordinary Fusion


G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North unveils The Bluewater with a Palm Springs Facade.

34 artist's rendering of The Bluewater by G.J. Gardner
The Bluewater by G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North

In a bold departure from the ordinary, G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North is pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation with their upcoming display home, the Bluewater with a Palm Springs facade. 

Under construction are two homes, each sitting across large blocks in this coveted cul-de-sac position. The front house is being constructed to the brief of “a mid-century marvel” and is designed to showcase excellence in architecture with stunning curves and textural elements. This home exhibits a Palm Springs aesthetic, exuding a sense of style that is both modern and timeless. 

Meanwhile, the rear home embraces a contemporary Hamptons Beach House vibe, creating a perfect blend of elegance and relaxation. Together, these two homes will add a touch of allure and luxury to the local architectural landscape, offering two uniquely customised homes that both perfectly suit the context of their Northern Beaches neighbourhood.

Embracing mid-century charm with a contemporary twist

The brainchild of the acclaimed G.J. Gardner architects, The Bluewater draws inspiration from the resurgence of mid-century modern style. Owner Horst Lueckl, reflecting on their multi-award-winning Freshwater display home, expressed a desire to present something even more bold and revolutionary to the neighbourhood. "The Bluewater with a Palm Springs facade reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of design trends," he shared.

Playful, purposeful, and artistic design choices

Every aspect of The Bluewater is a deliberate choice, with design elements that are both playful and purposeful. The eloquent pink kitchen, intricate coloured tiles, and a revival of glass bricks create a captivating interplay of light, texture and architectural innovation. Mr Lueckl emphasises, "We saw this as an opportunity to showcase cutting-edge products and designs." Working renders offer a sneak peek into the vibrant, purposeful spaces that await visitors.

34 artist's rendering of The Bluewater by G.J. Gardner
34 artist's rendering of The Bluewater by G.J. Gardner

To navigate the intricate waters of style and experimentation, G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North has enlisted the expertise of Dani Dean from The Make Haus. A visionary in the field, Dani Dean's discerning eye and perspective play a pivotal role in curating a space that not only embraces innovation but also radiates sophistication. Mr Lueckl notes, "The collaboration between G.J. Gardner Homes and The Make Haus has breathed life into a space that is both bold and purposeful. This home expertly balances on the fine line between opulence and style and is destined to be a showstopper." 

A masterpiece in the making

The Bluewater promises more than just a visual spectacle, it invites visitors on an educational and immersive journey. G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North envisions The Bluewater as a showcase of cutting-edge products and applications, creating a display home experience like never before. 

"A visit to our display home is a journey through a world of colour, texture, and cutting-edge products and applications that have not likely been used in a G.J. Gardner Home before," Mr Lueckl states.

Built on a foundation of community support, G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North acknowledges the contributions of local suppliers and businesses. Mr Lueckl emphasises, “This unique project would not be possible without the collaboration and dedication of our skilled local trade base and trusted network of suppliers.”

Anticipation is building for the grand unveiling of The Bluewater, with G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North aiming for an open date in June 2024. As the construction progresses, witness the future of architectural excellence as The Bluewater with a Palm Springs facade prepares to redefine the concept of a display home.


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