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Meditation, Finding Calm

Bryan Hayhow is a volunteer with Australian School of Meditation and Yoga and believes this ancient practice can do much to encourage a healthier community.

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga (ASMY) is a non-profit organisation that shares principles and techniques of meditation, yoga, and kirtan at no or very low cost to participants.

With branches throughout Australia as well as an abundant offering online, its services are easily accessible and generous.

Bryan Hayhow has lived in Glebe for 15 years and been part of the ASMY studio in Chippendale for the last seven years.

He is very supportive of the local community, using his skill and knowledge and the resources available through ASMY to encourage wellbeing and peace.

“Our involvement with the studio is our main contribution, as we are a non profit organisation that offers yoga & meditation tuition for the benefit of the community,” he explains.

“We also run associated Wellness workshops and teach Vedic philosophy in local schools such as Fort Street High (and across the Sydney basin). Our aim is to create the opportunity for residents to develop a more balanced and holistic lifestyle, catering for all of their physical, mental and spiritual needs.”

The ASMY website includes a whole host of videos including yoga instruction, kirtan sing-a-longs, meditation guides, easy healthy recipes, philosophy and more.

You will also find their timetable of workshops and sessions here.

ASMY Broadway

154-160 Broadway Chippendale

0414 672 709


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