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Photography in the Northern Beaches and Beyond

Photographer: Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy is a local photographer who grew up in Cherrybrook and then moved to the Northern Beaches when he was 21 with his mates and never looked back. They were seeking out the beach lifestyle and after suburb-surfing for a couple of years, finally settling in Belrose, which is now his own family home. By day, Mark is a software development manager, but his real passion is with the art of photography. This passion came about in parallel with his love for travel, so wherever he went he took his trusty camera with him.

”I love capturing moments in time,” Mark revealed, “and then being able to look back at them when they randomly appear on my phone, so I can remember all about it. I'd say that when I went to Tassie a few years ago was when I really started getting into my photography. As a location, it has been my favourite to photograph.” As you will see from Mark's Instagram feed, there are a number of bushland images, taken here in our beautiful bushland. He is a big fan of sunrise and sunset photos, although he admits he's not much of a morning person, so tends to lean more towards the sunset! Mark let us in on one of his favourite locations: “There is a magic spot not too far from where I live that looks over the Garigal National Park across to St Ives, and captures the perfect light as the sun is going down. I keep going back because no day is ever the same. Bushwalking in the late afternoon is awesome for capturing golden light.” We asked Mark what his top tips were for getting the perfect shot. He replied: 1. Always have a camera with you; 2. Be sure to get the perfect light; and 3. Always be on the lookout for sights or scenes around you. “I am often seen rushing back home to grab my gear when I see something cool happening,” he shared, “such as a unique sunset or something I don't want to forget.” If you want to check out Mark's work, go to his instagram page, @markkennedyimages, where he curates his favourite images of mostly NSW bushland and animals. He admits that his repertoire will continue to expand once he is allowed to travel again.

We asked Mark what's next on his horizon? “I am keen to dabble in macrophotography. I have a new lens on the way and am super keen to give it a try. I see lots of inspirational macro shots online and have decided to give it a go myself. Outside of this, I love exploring the bush and the local area for anything that catches my eye.” If you would like to learn more, check out Mark's Instagram feed or send him a message. Mark Kennedy Instagram: @markkennedyimages


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