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BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE: The Fabulous Strut & Fret Production

It's cabaret meets circus meets stand-up with a cheeky twist. With all the glitz and glamour of traditional burlesque paired with high-energy ariel acts and raunchy laughs, Blanc de Blanc Encore is the performance Sydneysiders simply must not miss out on. 

Blanc de Blanck Encore scene

Boisterous, alluring, exhilarating. There are many ways to describe Blanc de Blanc Encore, but all you really need to know is this – you have to see it. 

Coming off a string of sold-out seasons and international tours, Blanc de Blanc Encore truly lives up to its reputation as a quick-paced evening of sparkling debauchery and exquisite movement. Conceived and directed by Scott Maidment, the show (a word that does not serve the performance justice) is an exuberant and invigorating experience that pops and bubbles like freshly poured champagne. 

The current Sydney cast boasts a wealth of outrageous talents, from the incredible voice of Sasha-Lee Saunders to captivating dancing by Melanie Hawkins to jaw-dropping acrobatics from Duo Hoops's Caitlin Tomson-Moylan and Spencer Craig to the side-splitting (and pearl-clutching) comedic stylings of Félix Pouliot and Sam Ferlo and so much more!

Blanc de Blanc flying gymnast

Currently residing in Surry Hills’ Grand Electric Theatre, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into a chic 1920s-esque French nightclub when attending a performance of Bland de Blanc Encore. Opening on a single bottle of un-corked champagne, an immediate air of anticipation is evoked, offering a tantalising tease of what is to come. Guilded and glamorous, the scene is only heightened by the exquisite costumes, beautiful staging and electrifying soundtrack. The evening is a delicious blend of classic burlesque troupes like French maids and cancanning and scandalous humour, modern music, and outstanding acrobatics – it’s as refreshing as it is exciting. 

This is not a show for the faint of heart. No audience member is safe, not even those hiding up the back and averting their gaze. It is an entirely immersive, enthralling and gasp-worthy experience.  With performers dancing through the aisles and the skies, there are no bad seats at this production. Fair warning that those up front are in the splash zone – we can’t explain it; you’ll just have to see it!

Blanc to Blanc Encore dancer

With all the fizzle and rush of a champagne burst, Blanc de Blanc Encore is the perfect night out – so fill your glass and buy a ticket! Sydney’s current season has been extended until March 2024, and with tickets from only $55, there’s no excuse to miss out – we will certainly be heading back for more before the tour ends. 

Please note that Blanc de Blanc Encore is appropriate for audiences 18 years and older only. Take the night off and book a babysitter. Blanc de Blanc Encore is worth every cent. 

BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE showing now at The Grand Electric Theatre – 199 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills.

By Isabella Edwards 


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