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Blanc de Blanc Encore

The sultry Blanc de Blanc returns to The Grand Electric, and the season has been extended until December 17th!

Once is not enough to take in the sumptuous, gloriously rich confection that is Blanc de Blanc. That’s why it needs an Encore. And even a second viewing leaves you wanting more.

A sensation in its debut season, and the first show in the newly created The Grand Electric theatre, Blanc de Blanc Encore has clearly become a Sydney favourite and is likely to continue in more iterations.

The bones of this reprise, including many of the routines, are pretty much the same as in the previous show, though the improv delivery and audience participation will always make each show unique.

The cast is a mix of familiar faces and newcomers. Mischievous but loveable Canadian host, Félix Pouliot, is back and up to his devilish antics. His co-host this time is actor/singer/dancer/invertebrate Danny Collins from England. Collins plays the straight man to Pouliot’s larrikin, but also performs a solo routine in which he bends and contorts his body like he’s completely made of rubber.

Australian theatre star Melanie Hawkins is back again, delivering more sass, sauce, and lots of skin. Another Aussie, Jess Mews returns with her hula hoops in a dazzling display of twirls, engaging every single muscle in her body to keep those hoops spinning. It defies belief.

Even if you’ve seen Emma Philips perform in the show before, you will still be captivated by her foot juggling act. The New Zealander trained with an elite Chinese school and is one of the few artists who has choreographed an act where she juggles impressive items including tables and parasols using her feet.

Caitlin Marion Tomson-Moylan previously performed with her aerial hoop partner, Spencer Craig, but in this show, she takes the stage alone, performing stunning aerial twists and turns on suspended ropes.

Canadian performer, Charles-Éric Bouchard manoeuvres with ridiculous dexterity on a single suspended rope.

Pouliot, apart from having a lewd sense of humour and excellent MCing talent, is also a skilled Chinese pole artist. On a flexible vertical pole he climbs as easily as a spider; holds himself perfectly horizontal; and free-falls from the top, stopping himself at the very last moment using his legs as brakes against the pole.

And finally, Sasha-Lee Saunders steps in as the sexy chanteuse, slinking across the stage and singing steamy cabaret numbers and bawdy ditties with an attitude that can shatter glass.

The entire ensemble performs together and in various groups, showing their vast skill set and versatility. Several of the routines require clockwork accuracy and are quite thrilling to watch.

There’s an atmosphere of carefree, congenial celebration in the Spiegeltent-styled venue. It’s not a show for the sensitive or prissy, but if you’re up for some slightly blue humour and a wild, raucous night, then see Blanc de Blance Encore before it sells out yet again.

Until December 17th

Grand Electric, 199 Cleveland St, Surry Hills


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