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Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!

Marrickville is fast becoming Sydney's mecca of Craft Beer, you can have your very own three-stop Brewery Tour without leaving the postcode. For those willing to go a little further (Enmore & St Peters) you can make it five-stops!

Batch Brew Co - 44 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville

Founded in 2013 by Chris & Andrew, Batch Brew Co has a focus on unique, handcrafted, small batch beers. These guys brew and release new limited release beers regularly, and have a core line of top selling beers in bottle shops, pubs, online and in Batch’s two locations (Petersham and Marrickville)

Marrickville is home to Batch’s original and main 10 bbl production brewery, with Small Batch nearby out the back of the Public House Petersham. Both venues are working breweries with tasting rooms offering tasting crates, bar service, and take away options, as well as food.

Chris and Andrew have a huge passion for the local community, which drives them to continue to create top quality beers for YOU, the people in their community.

As such, they’ve been creating approximately one new beer every five days since the commissioning of Small Batch - previous to that it was one new beer every ten days…. no small feat!

That level of creativity is inspired and supported by suppliers with whom close relationships have been cultivated over the years. Sustainable and regenerative practices are central to all purchasing decisions ensuring the best quality materials end up in your glass.

“We love what we do. We love beer. And that’s why We Brew For You!”

Sauce Brewing Co - 1a Marrickville St, Marrickville - 8580 3555

Est. 2016 in Marrickville, Sauce Brewing Co are one of Australia’s most exciting Independent Craft Breweries. Sauce is all about big, bold flavours, creativity and diversity - there’s a drop of liquid gold that can suit any pallet! - hop-heads, sour-freaks, or someone that just likes good quality, drinkable ales.

The Marrickville Brewery and Taproom is where it all started. Home to the production brewery, taproom - both complemented by the incredible outdoor beer garden, which is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday. With food trucks always in attendance, the beer garden is the ideal location to while away a sunny afternoon - or if it’s rainy, it will be enjoyable either way, with the quality beers on tap!

Sauce is also open for takeaway everyday.

The Grifter Brewing Co - 1/391 Enmore Road, Marrickville - 9550 5742

With no other plan but to make good and honest beers, The Grifter Brewing Company began when Matt King, Glenn Wignall and Trent Evans set out to do just that in 2012. Proudly independent to this day, the guys have been steadily running their own race ever since. The original plan hasn’t changed either. From the far-out and fruit-driven to classic styles with a new world spin, every Grifter beer is made with best-quality hops, malts and sheer drinkability in mind. Simply: it’s got to be a beer before anything else, and there’s something in our tanks for anyone who wants to enjoy a classy one.

The brewery and tasting bar, opposite Enmore Park in the heart of Marrickville, is where it all comes together. Housed in an old industrial dry cleaners warehouse, it captures the area’s eclectic spirit and the shared belief that community and collaboration can make great things happen. We also believe these things take good time – when you see our “orange goblin” pale ale tins and taste the good stuff inside, you’ll believe it too. That said, we’re in it for the long run.

And for those willing to go a little further afield..

Hopsters Cooperative Brewery - 198 Enmore Rd, Enmore

Australia's first Cooperative brewery, with their taproom housed in an old fruit and veg shop on the bustling Enmore Rd. Run solely by a board of volunteers, a licensee who really knows his stuff, and an army of 750+ member shareholders, their mission is to brew member-driven beer whilst supporting indie breweries on one of their 12 taps.

A great family vibe with a focus on community, the future looks bright! With 10% off beers, learn to brew classes and a never-ending calendar of social events, check them out here to see how to become a member.

Willie the Boatman - 601/75 Mary St, St Peters

When you were a lot younger than you are now, a fat dad from Tempe changed the world (probably). Somehow blessed with an extraordinary talent for creating beers that make jaws drop, Pat McInerney launched Willie the Boatman in 2012.

Built with unhinged imagination, local mates, fierce independence and the finest ingredients, Willie is a brewery for true local characters. Inspired by the legend of a convict boatman, Pat proudly serves the community bloody great beers, wild yarns, and terrible love advice. Pop down and get some for yourself.

And for those looking to take their Beer Obsessions beyond the Bar - The Hop and Grain store is a must visit!

Hop and Grain Store - 50 Sydney St, Marrickville

Hop and Grain specialise in all grain brewing supplies, stocking a wide range of base malts and specialty malts, hops, pellets and yeast for the experienced brewer. Beginners are not forgotten either, with a range of malt extracts and beer kits.

Hop and Grain are not limited to beer though, stocking ingredients and supplies for all sorts of fermentation hobbies. They also have a range of kombucha, distillation and wine-making equipment and consumables continues to grow. For the Masterchefs out there, there's a wide range of DIY food kits - including pickles, jam, cheese, butter, tofu and vegan kits.

To top it off we have gift-ware, BBQ fuels, pickles and sauces to complement those social beer-appreciation sessions!


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