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Animals for Adoption October 2023 - Maggie's Rescue

Zeppelin - Staffy x Malinois - 10 months

A beautiful, high-energy puppy who adores being involved in your daily routine, Zeppelin is the sweetest boy with so much love to give! He's flourishing in foster care, happily following at his foster carer's heels and lapping up his daily training.

This smart, sensitive boy will require lots of one-on-one company, regular vigorous exercise and ongoing efforts to improve his confidence. He enjoys a good sniff and explore, and an active single person or couple or a family with kids aged 10+ will be a great match!

Beyonce - Domestic Shorthair - 1 year

Beyoncé is a sweet young lady who knows how to live the good life. You'll often find her on her various lounging spots: the windowsill, top of her cat tree, on her back in a puddle of sunshine. From there she loves to watch Cat TV! She absolutely adores looking out the window and gets extra excited watching birds.

If you're lucky, you'll catch her making her cute chattering sounds! And while we're on the topic, can we just say we are all *extremely obsessed* with Beyoncé's vocals? She has a voice like no other! She makes sing-song meows and these small, squeaky, joyous chirrups that are 100% guaranteed to make you smile. When it's time to settle down for a cuddle, she has a deep, comforting purr that just lets you know everything will be alright.


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