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NEIGHBOURHOOD MEDIA turbo-charges community engagement by delivering high quality, quarterly magazines featuring locally generated content. Your best customers are the ones who know you by name and face; the ones who wave to you from the street. We talk to these customers and help you connect with them. We build local pride by telling real stories, sharing community news, highlighting features and attractions, and celebrating local heroes. 

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Our distribution is direct and hyper-local. We create a unique title for every postcode so that all the content within is fresh and relevant. And we invite businesses and residents to contribute editorial. We plan to cover postcodes from every compass point in Sydney, so if you have activity in more than one suburb you can spread your message across several titles. 


Despite the dominance of digital in most things, studies continually show that print media fares better when it comes engagement, recall, and trust. Magazine readers have fewer distractions and are more focused on the content in their hands. The tangible form gives a magazine credibility and a sense of longevity. It has a consistency that creates a whole experience and keeps the reader in a certain mindset. 


It’s hard for small businesses and sole-traders to compete online, especially with a limited budget. A bespoke magazine like ours can help you optimise your marketing by delivering your message to a local, invested audience. The multiple crises of recent times have instilled a desire in small communities to think and act local. Our magazine is perfect for this environment. 

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"Be in it, and be part of the community."
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