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Help us bring our magazines to life

Beneath the surface of each suburb is a unique identity that has been cultivated and shaped by the people that call it home. These people are connected by a shared gratitude and admiration for the physical surrounds as well as an appreciation for the greater community sharing the same area.


Since we started Neighbourhood Media, we have heard the most incredible, heartwarming and beautiful stories. We couldn't have shared these stories without the connections we have formed with our new readers, who are the people that make up the communities we are representing. If you are reading this message, we hope you are one of them. If you're not, check out our magazines - we all have one thing in common, and that's belonging to a community.


If you are passionate about your local community, see how you can get involved below.



Whether you are the recipient of a Booker award, just finished uni or a budding writer with no experience - we are always open to hearing interesting stories!

Everyone has one thing in common; we all live in a suburb, which already makes you an expert in our eyes. If you think there is a story that needs to be told, a person who needs acknowledgement or a cause that needs more support and awareness - let us know!

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Communities are eclectic, made up of various cultures, views, people, and pets! In each magazine we introduce readers to pets living in the same suburb - and we mean all kinds of pets! We have featured horses and chicken in St Ives - Snakes in Turramurra, and a trio of Boston Terriers in Newtown!

If you think your furry, feathered or finned family member might like to be featured in one of our magazines contact us below!

For Dog Owners - check out our Neighbourhood Doggo Dates page! This group aims to bring together similar dogs living in the same local area for play dates! Come and join, introduce your pooch and don't forget to your #suburb or #local government area to help your neighbours find you!



The bread and butter of our cause, the salt to our pepper - we believe the most important stories revolve around members of local communities. A suburb is as great as its community, and a community is as great as the people that create it.

People do incredible things every day - and we want to spread all the good news we can. If you think there is someone in your neighbourhood deserving recognition, please let us know. 

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"Be in it, and be part of the community."
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