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Taking kids as far as they can go

Kristin Bayley believes that with a little bit of scientific method and an abundance of love, every child, no matter how challenged, can aspire to a better quality of life.

“I started To The Moon and Back because there are a lot of kids who have difficulties either with their communications or their social skills and may struggle to access therapy because they have additional challenges,” explains Kristin.

Born and raised in New York, Kristin qualified and worked as a behaviour analyst and speech pathologist, using concepts not much practised elsewhere in the world.

“In my particular field, it is not very well known here [Australia]. What I do is very well known in the States as a very effective evidence based practice for kids with autism.”

After leaving New York, Kristin lived in London for 5 years where she introduced many of these new concepts in early childhood intervention to the industry there. She also met and married an Englishman who introduced her to the concept of moving to Australia.

After testing out several suburbs, they eventually settled in St Ives and have so far spent 8 years relishing their decision.

“The community is just so beautiful […] We’ve made a lot of connections: my husband coaches the rugby team, the kids do all the sport, so it’s just been a really lovely connection for us. We’ve got a lovely big garden; we’re able to have pets and just go for bike rides and go for walks. It’s a really, really lovely community.”

Although she’s not a fan of snakes (who is?), Kristin loves the proximity of the bush as well as the beach and flower garden. Her daughter goes horse-riding in Terrey Hills. It’s the best of many worlds.

“It doesn’t feel like you’re out in the sticks, there are still all the amenities and you can still get a good cup of coffee, and you can get your nails done and a massage and all that kind of stuff - the village is just up the road.”

Pandemics aside, Kristin says the village on a Saturday morning is a bustling hub where you can run into a thousand people you know while getting a cup of coffee.

“We’re surprisingly well located.”

It’s just one of the reasons she’s happy to have set up her business in St Ives.

“I’m really pleased that I picked St Ives because it’s helped me feel more connected to the community, but also it’s helped the business to feel more connected to the community.

“I want people to know about us and know what we offer because I think what we offer is pretty unusual and, because we have a lot of schools in the area and a lot of pre-schools in the area I think we have a lot to offer parents and children.” Ph: 0411 427 233


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