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Wild Indoors, Exotic Pets in Glebe

With Sydney’s inner west becoming more urbanised, apartment-living is on the rise and as a result, there’s been a spike in the popularity of exotic pets. Dr Emma Hall from The Wild Vet Animal Hospital in Glebe shares her wisdom about weird and wonderful creatures in the home.

The term ‘exotic’ refers to any small animal other than a dog or cat - from rabbits to birds, and reptiles too! Exotic pets require minimal space and are relatively low maintenance. For example, bearded dragons are every bit as interactive as a dog, and if their terrarium is set up properly, they are very easy to care for.

Where cats can be quite independent, parrots or rabbits make excellent companions and can be quite affectionate, forming strong bonds with their owners. For the more adventurous, snakes can be a great choice for those leading a busy lifestyle, as they may only require feeding once every week or two, and they won’t hold it against you for not being able to find time for twice-daily walks!

Many owners ask about the veterinary care required by ‘wild pets’. Just like dogs and cats, they can develop health issues too. Although they appear stoic and are masters at hiding signs of pain, they experience every bit of pain and discomfort other species do - which is where we can help.

From a python with a testicular tumour to a canary with a broken leg or a rat with a dental abscess, The Wild Vet is equipped to treat anything that comes through their door.

At the Wild Vet, the veterinary staff have a passion for exotic pets and specialise in their treatment and care. They love the dynamic aspect of treating a wide range of animals, where one day they are attaching a prosthetic beak to a parrot, and the next performing emergency surgery on an inland taipan (the world’s most venomous snake) – which they recently did in December!

In addition to treating the pets of our regular customers, The Wild Vet tends to injured and orphaned wildlife. A portion of the clinic’s profits goes towards providing wildlife treatment and ensuring that Australia’s native animals aren’t left behind. Dr Emma Hall, The Wild Vet’s founder, can often be seen taking home flying fox pups or baby possums to care for overnight.

The Wild Vet Animal Hospital

22A Bridge Rd, Glebe

Dr Emma Hall or 0430594826


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