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The Newtown Blessing Box

Something Good that Came out of COVID-19. Located on the Corner of Bedford Street and Station Street, you may have noticed a community pantry that sprung up over COVID-19. It's called the Newtown Blessing Box.

It was the inspiration of Maureen Lee, who came up with the idea to make a gender-neutral community food pantry where the locals could “take what they need and give what they can. In its simplest form it is a cupboard with shelves. What’s special about it is that its true value comes from how it resonates with the community who bring it to life. In essence, it is a reflection of love, abundance, sharing, kindness, awareness, openness, connection and the heart of the inner west.

The Blessing Box turns 1 year old on March 25.

Since its start up, the Blessing Box has been hugely popular with not only locals contributing and benefiting but also restaurant owners, families with loved ones at RPAH, RPAH nurses, local businesses, families and friends from around Australia, students, volunteers, local politicians, NSW Parliament members, journalists, artists, bloggers and even visitors from overseas.

In Maureen’s view, the response has been more powerful than she could have imagined. The community spirit and generosity that has been nurtured at the Newtown Blessing Box is phenomenal and has gone beyond just food donations, it has also boosted community morale and a sense of connection.

In fact, Maureen goes so far as to suggest that the Newtown Blessing Box has become part of the “essential exercise” routine for many people, who pass by to smile, connect and read the messages of hope left by others.

She says “...the mental health benefits of community belonging, connectivity and feeling as if the community has your back has been beautiful to witness during such a difficult and lonely time for so many.“

The Blessing Box is a true blessing and if you are in the area and would like to contribute or could benefit from it, be sure to drop by.



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Membre inconnu
13 mai 2021

How incredible, really does make you feel good to know that people are still willing to help each other out. What a treasure you are Maureen.💛

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