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The Charleston Glebe - If there’s a pineapple outside, you’re welcome inside

During colonial times in America’s south, the pineapple - which was not a native fruit - was considered exotic and exclusive. The idea of sharing such a rare prize whenever a sailor brought one home speaks to the notion of Southern hospitality

The Charleston restaurant in Glebe recreates the ambience of coastal South Carolina with its pastel hued interior, cane furniture, and simple, charming style. Hanging above the entrance is a bright neon pineapple, an iconic symbol in the South Carolina port city of Charleston. It represents generosity and hospitality. If a pineapple is displayed outside a home, it means a good meal and conversation can be had within.

Chris Morrison and Jordan Kain took ownership of the restaurant in July 2020, injecting it with new energy. Their head chef, Patrick Ngai has created a menu based on an ethos of bringing people together and sharing good food and good times. The dishes range across snacks, share plates and meals and are all infused with the eclectic spices and flavours of America’s coastal south. Try the sticky pork ribs or salt and pepper squid tacos. Great vegan menu too with treats like chilled watermelon salad and truffle and parmesan fries.

The food is delicious, but most people are there for the cocktails which are equally distinctive. One sip and you’ll be lying in a hammock swinging on a Georgian porch.

There’s The Charlie: pineapple rum, raspberry, basil, lime, egg white, coffee mist; or The Fo' Wizzle Ma Fizzle: vodka, lychee, rhubarb, lemon, Wizz Fizz, coconut and Aperol cream. Beer and extensive bar for straight-up or simple mixes.

The wine list, curated by P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants (Newtown), champions winemakers who practice sustainable farming and minimal intervention. It changes seasonally and features a broad variety to suit or extend an adventurous palate.

199 Glebe Point Road, Glebe,

Ph (02) 7813 0402


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