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The best shows to see at Newtown's New Theatre this month

One of Sydney's oldest theatres and a much-loved fixture on the independent scene, if you're keen to get your culture fix this month, look no further than Newtown's New Theatre.

Atlantis at New Theatre

Atlantis by Lally Katz, 19 March - 3 April

“A story is real. Hope is real. I see that now.”

A play about ovaries and climate change and pursuing your dreams.

Australian writer ‘Lally’ is on a quest to make sense of her life, seeking to rediscover the lost innocence of her childhood in America, when things were simple, carefree and defined.

Using both autobiographical fact and flights of imagination, the writer examines the turmoil of her personal situation within the context of a country gone crazy with excess and deception.

By turns self-deprecating, incurably romantic, optimistic and cynical, her journey through a maze of outrageous situations is hilarious and intoxicating.

Infused with a delicious blend of the real and the fantastical, this superb example of theatrical magic realism takes us on a wild adventure.   


“A joyous epic of self-discovery with plenty of heart” Limelight

Book your tickets on New Theatre's website.

The Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthurAdapted by Nicholas Papademetriou, 23 April - 18 May

“A journalist is a cross between a bootlegger and a whore.”

Late at night, in the crowded press room at Chicago’s Criminal Courts, a group of reporters is waiting to cover a controversial execution the next morning.,

Then an unexpected event breaks through the banter and bravura, the cynicism and ennui, and suddenly a scoop is on the cards.

This landmark comedy from 1928 introduced the now-familiar trope of the hard-living, hard-drinking reporter determined to get to the truth at any cost.

Though computers have replaced typewriters, and the internet has changed the way news is reported, this satire on systemic corruption, manipulation and scandal in politics, journalism and justice still hits a nerve.

The plot twists and turns as much as its the ethically elastic characters, and the laugh-a-minute, rapid-paced script will get the adrenaline rushing.

“One of the funniest and most exciting of American plays” New York Times

Book your tickets on New Theatre's website.


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