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St Vincent's Take Out Top Award

St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst. Photo: Clytemnestra/Wikimedia Commons

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, has taken out 2 awards at the Business NSW 2021 Business Awards. The annual awards, this year sponsored by the City of Sydney, have 13 different categories recognising growth, entrepreneurship and business success.

The Darlinghurst hospital’s Covid-19 response saw it win the most Outstanding Community or Cultural Organisation category among a field of high achievers, including sustainable homewares designers, photographers and eye specialists.

And St Vincent’s innovative program promoting better health outcomes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities saw it claim its second award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion.

The latter initiative, a flexi-clinic called St Vincent’s Stay'n In, Stay’n Deadly Project, was founded to promote a safe and welcoming space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

The flexi-clinic means that soon after arrival, patients are seen by a staff specialist or ‘flexi-doctor’, significantly reducing waiting, testing and diagnosis times. At the same time, Aboriginal Health Unit team members are on hand to support the patient throughout their treatment and follow-up care.

The team at St Vincent’s was overjoyed to have been externally recognised at the Business NSW 2021 Awards for their efforts over the past 18 months. St Vincent’s CEO Associate Professor, Anthony Scembri, said the awards were particularly special this year.

“At the heart of everything we do at St Vincent’s is our longstanding mission to serve our community – particularly the poor and vulnerable. These 2 awards represent important validation that we continue to remain true to this mission, particularly in the face of some of our greatest health challenges.”

Business NSW CEO Daniel Hunter said the awards recognise business success and resilience from sectors across the state.

“In 2021, every industry, from health care to hospitality, retail to recruitment, was forced to pivot and innovate in order to deal with fallout from the pandemic,” he said. “These awards showcase the businesses that shone brightest in very dark times.”

“It’s important too that we also recognise the local chambers that provided leadership and vision throughout these unchartered waters, which is why we’re delighted to be able honour the outstanding commitment from the Darlinghurst Business Partnership.”

Other winners in the 14 categories at the Business NSW 2021 Business Awards included: Neil Sharma of Eye and Retina, an independently-owned ophthalmology practice in Green Square; Lion & Cub Photography, a boutique photographic portrait studio in St Peters; Hivery retail planners, which combine artificial intelligence, operations research and design for vending, trade promotion and category management systems; and Outstanding Employee Vicky Lee of Ovira, which design and make devices to relieve menstruation cramps.

Details of the award winners at Business NSW:

St Vincent’s Hospital:

Stay’n Deadly, Stay’n In program:



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