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Skating towards a finish

Planning began in 2015 so it’s been a long wait, but the new skatepark in Federal Park is due to open very soon and local board riders can’t wait.

Federal Park Reserve butts against the harbour at the end of Rozelle Bay and at the bottom of Glebe. It’s a very scenic park to walk through and also includes lots of amenities such as a dog park, children’s playground, sports fields, walking/cycling path and, any minute now, a big new skatepark.

Located at the foot of the viaduct that now serves the light rail, the skatepark incorporates the historic arches into its design. The concrete and brick-paved plaza covers a fairly large area and includes ramps, basins, slopes, platforms, and rails, as well as being impressively landscaped.

It came about thanks to lobbying led by Sydney Skateboard Association, locals, and skateboarders and is part of a wider redevelopment project in Federal Park which includes:

  • new recreational open space, west of the Glebe railway viaduct

  • a new, larger playground

  • shared paths for people walking and riding bikes throughout the park

  • groves of native trees and large lawn areas

  • picnic areas with seating and barbecues

  • conservation works to the Glebe railway viaduct.

In conjunction with the park renovations, Sydney Water is conducting naturalisation work on Johnstons Creek which will return it to a more organic waterway. The work includes:

  • replacing the old concrete banks with sandstone and native plants

  • creating a natural planted stormwater system (wetland) in Federal Park near Dalgal Way

  • expanding the salt marsh around the creek and creating intertidal rock pools

  • creating a boardwalk, paths and new seating replacing the old footbridge near Dalgal way.

Works are expected to be completed early in 2021.


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