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Putt Putt Golf comes to Cromer

A brand new putt putt golf experience has opened at Precision Golf in Cromer.

beach themed putt putt coarse with surf life saving flags
Precision Golf's Putt Putt Course

A new multi-use recreational and industrial site opened in November 2023 in Cromer. The Northern Beaches Business Park at 4-10 Inman Rd, Cromer, repurposed the abandoned former Roche Pharmaceuticals headquarters (original makers of ‘Berocca’ effervescent multi-vitamin tablets) with spacious new units.

The first tenants, Precision Golf, an indoor golf driving range and 18-hole mini ‘Putt Putt’ golf course, officially opened for business on 20 November in unit 11, beneath the Heritage-listed hexagonal clocktower.

Precision Golf is run by three PGA professionals, Ray Hawkins, Brad McIntosh and Brad Hawkins, who oversee golf coaching lessons, children’s mini-golf parties, and event packages. 

Most adults who grew up in Australia are aware of Putt Putt golf – the micro-sized, 18-hole courses on artificial turf that take minutes, not hours, to navigate - which for decades was a very popular choice for birthday party entertainment.

The game is undergoing another renaissance and is back in peak popularity, and with indoor courses like Precision Golf’s Putt Putt in Cromer, you can play all year round, no matter the weather.

tropic themed putt putt golf course
Precision Golf in Cromer


While the first miniature golf rinks appeared in the early 1900s in London, USA, Canada and Northern Europe, by the 1930s the fun-focused game was universal, although it was known by a variety of names, including adventure golf, crazy golf, extreme golf, goofy golf, midget golf, mini-golf, mini-putt, putter golf, and shorties. 

The 1930s was its initial heyday, then, after it was impacted by the worldwide economic Depression, it resurged again in popularity in the 1950s, with courses prefabricated by dedicated manufacturers such as Thistle Dhu, Tom Thumb, Norman & Norrmans, Taylor Brothers and Lomma Golf. ‘Putt-Putt’, with the hyphen, was trademarked to an American franchising company that initially popularised the game in Australia.

The most challenging courses typically increase in difficulty as you near the finale, and require tapping your ball over obstacles (such as small streams, windmills and castles), through tunnels, up and down ramps, and strategically ricocheting it off edges to successfully sink it in the hole. 

Precision Golf’s 18-hole Putt Putt course reveals "each hole represents one of our stunning beach locations on the Northern Beaches" – so you visit favourite destinations Palm Beach, Collaroy and Manly all in the same session.

You’re issued a scorecard – a maximum of six shots allowed per hole (any extra aren’t added) – and prices range from $10 infant, $15 a child, $22 per adult, to $58 for a family.

And perhaps best of all, no booking is required – you can just turn up and tee off as soon as the first hole is free!

Precision Golf Beaches Putt Putt Cromer

Unit 11, Northern Beaches Business Park

4-8 Inman Road CromerPh: (02) 9417 0252

Northern Beaches Business Park website:



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