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Our Sustainable Village - St Ives Shopping Village works towards a Greener Future

St Ives Shopping Village is an establishment that's appreciated by everyone in the community. But as time goes on and concerns about the environment grow, we must all begin to consider ways we can change.

The management at the Shopping Village are doing their part to reduce waste and maintain sustainable practices, contributing to a greener future for everybody in St Ives.

Following the introduction of a new waste management system in November 2020, St Ives Shopping Village has successfully reduced waste and subsequent waste costs, as well as reducing its overall environmental footprint.

Over 50 tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill during the first 6 months, with figures improving month on month.

Monthly numbers at a glance*.

Minimum 20% of total waste is recycled:

  • 3+ tonnes of paper and cardboard

  • 850 kilos of co-mingled items

  • 6,000 milk bottles (HDPE)

  • 200+ kilos of soft plastics (LDPE)

  • 600 litres of used cooking oil

Minimum of 35% of total waste is diverted from landfill:

  • 5+ tonnes of organic food waste (from food retailers and cafes)

  • 1.8 tonnes of used coffee grounds

Sustainability is at the core of St Ives Shopping Village's mission to become more eco-friendly. Amy Edwards, Centre Manager comments: “St Ives Shopping Village recognises the importance of its role within the community, and remains committed to the continued development of sustainability practices, so that, together, we move towards a Green Village”.

The new waste management system compliments other initiatives already in place, some of which include the installation of energy efficient lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and a Boomerang Bag Station to minimise plastic bag usage. Overall electricity consumption has also been effectively reduced by the installation of sensors on car park lighting and timers on air conditioning units to maximise efficiencies.

The future looks greener at St Ives Shopping Village, as it continues along the pathway towards a Greener Village, for the benefit of customers, retailers, the local community and the environment.


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