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MyBond, the Australian tech-start up disrupting the rental market, has turned 1

MyBond celebrates Its first anniversary with a private dinner at Eros Sydney, Potts Point. The

event honours MyBond's path from a COVID Pandemic-inspired start-up to a March 2021 debut with only four customers. Since its inception, MyBond has been on a mission to scale up, serving over 1600 Australians and counting who have moved into their homes in the three states where it operates: New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, and funding millions in dollars in rental bonds.

MyBond hosted a three-course dinner with accompanying refreshments and entertainment by DJ Zaku for a select group of journalists, influencers, corporate guests, and friends of the brand. In attendance included Cyrell Jimenez Paule from Married at First Sight, with Partner Eden Dally from Love Island, The Bachelor’s KiKi Morris, Luxe Listings Sydney and Founder of Black Diamondz Monika Tu with partner Jad Khattar, Celebrity Stylist Jamie Azzopardi and Carrington Brigham; Founder of Potts Pointers Facebook Community Group and Managing Director of Agenda C who officiated the event with an Acknowledgement to Country.

The vendors used for the event were all local businesses in Darlinghurst and Potts Point

communities. The use of Magnolia leaves as name cards and recycled materials as props made the event styling and production environmentally friendly. The event concluded with a toast to commemorate the occasion with “Loud and Proud” sparkling wine, with 100% of the sales going to The Pride Foundation Australia. Guests were also given Cacti, a sign of endurance and fortitude that symbolised the brand's resilience during the COVID pandemic and growth as MyBond scales up so that all guests may take a piece of the brand and grow with it as well.

Victoria Anthony, an award-winning DJ, LGBTQI champion, and local resident, performed joyous tracks to round off the celebration. These parts of the event pay tribute to MyBond's commitment to being a community-focused business while also encouraging ESG stewardship as a social enterprise.

“During MyBond‘s journey, we realised that tenants globally are the largest underserved

market. MyBond is providing tools and services to tenants to empower them to live a life

that is convenient and comfortable. Ultimately, it's all about giving people flexibility and

choice in paying and managing their rental bond and allowing them to control when and

where they want to live. It was fantastic to spend the evening with key stakeholders,

influencers, the media, and the local community.” - Ray Dib, CEO and CoFounder of MyBond.

About MyBond

MyBond is disrupting the Australian rental market with a first-of-its-kind in-the-world service that helps tenants pay for the rental bond. An alternative to paying rental bonds with a single fee of just one week's rent with no interest, no repayments and no credit checks. MyBond’s vision is to be the preferred and trusted partner throughout a renter's life, and since the company’s launch in March 2021, it has funded millions of bonds and has helped over 1600+ Australians move into their dwellings in NSW, VIC, & QLD. We are one of the fastest-growing FinTech, with a growth rate of 15% month on month and have plans to expand and scale-up.


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