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Market on your calendar

The pandemic may have knocked it down but community spirit raised it back up.

Glebe Markets has been the epicentre of life - at least on Saturdays - for locals and visitors since 1992. When it was forced to close for 6 months last year, stallholders, regular attendees, and residents were all deeply impacted. In September 2020, the markets re-opened a COVID-safe revamp.

Gone are the narrow, people-packed paths pumping through the markets like capillaries. The aisles are now wide enough to allow appropriate distancing and an easy flow of traffic. There is constant, rigorous cleaning, and patrons are encouraged to sanitise hands frequently.

You might need to be a little less touchy feely than you’re used to but all you favourite stalls are still there. If you’re planning on having a meal and/or a drink (and you definitely are because the food selection is amazing!) you’ll need to order online and pay by card.

From what we know, the virus can’t be transmitted through sound, which is a relief because there is a superb line-up of live entertainment at the markets. Order some delicious food, plonk down on the lawn and listen to the chill tones of home-grown talent.

Vintage, makers, artisan, antique, crafty, kitschy, unique, rare - it’s all here.

Every Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Glebe Public School grounds, Cnr Derby Pl and Glebe Point Rd


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