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What Exactly is Hypmotive?

It’s for the curious and the creative, the artists and the admirers. The multi-arts retail space known as Hypmotive — a portmanteau of ‘hip’ and ‘motive’ and pronounced the same — has captured the hearts of the Marrickville arts community since 2016, first in its original location on Marrickville Road, and now at its new digs at the refurbished Marrickville Metro.

By Adeline Teoh

Hypmotive space

Hypmotive Owner, Renée Russo

Renée Russo, who co-owns the business with her husband Jake Russo, says the premise of Hypmotive was pretty simple: to give artists a retail space to share their work. “Australia is filled with talented artists, designers and makers and we noticed that there weren't many retailers providing retail space for the small business owners and sole traders working within the creative industries,” she explains. “We saw an opportunity to bridge that gap and to bring more heart, soul and connection into the retail experience for customers and the local community.”

In the shop you’ll find everything from wheel thrown ceramics, original artworks and handcrafted jewellery to hand-poured scented candles, art prints and even a selection of curated vintage clothing. “By shopping with us, you are supporting local independent artists, designers, makers and small business, helping to fuel Australia's creativity,” says Renée of their mission.

To call Hypmotive a gift shop would be underselling its value to the neighbourhood as a platform for local artisans and unique Australian brands. It is foremost a platform to fuel creativity, says Renée. “We established ourselves on Marrickville Road and, with the support from our customers and the local community, we grew over the years, which was amazing, and created a very special and unique community.”

pooery at Hypmotive

While the advent of COVID-19 and associated lockdowns hit small business hard (“sadly we are still dealing with the repercussions,” mentions Renée) it hasn’t all been dark days.

“We are now curating the Metro Markets, alongside Panetta Mercato, every month at Marrickville Metro which is definitely worth attending. There aren't many local markets that are indoors in Marrickville,” she notes. “Nothing compares to the unique and cool atmosphere of this space, alongside visiting the carefully curated mix of local makers, our Hypmotive store and dining at the many delicious restaurants. It's well worth a visit.”

As for her favourite venue, she can’t recommend just one. “Take your pick of any of the new restaurants at Smidmore Street, they are all amazing. We love a beer at Hawke's Brewery and Marrickville Hotel is always a good spot to catch up with mates.”

If you want to get involved in the Marrickville arts community, you don’t need to go far. “There are loads of artist-run spaces and initiatives in Marrickville, like Monster Mouse Studios and Scratch Art Space. It always good to check out what exhibitions or workshops they are hosting to get more involved in the arts community.”

Visit Hypmotive at Marrickville Metro, 20 Smidmore Street, or online at


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