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Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail 2024

Get ready for this year’s Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail at the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens, with over $5000 awarded to winning artists!

dragon fly sculpture
Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail - Dragon Fly Sculpture

Nestled among the beautiful Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden lies a blank canvas waiting to be adorned. The Wildflower Gardens are the stage for this year’s Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail, and the stage is set for creativity to flourish!

Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail joins Eco Festival

The Sculpture Trail is a celebration of sustainable art. It showcases works made exclusively from recycled materials, encouraging both Artist and Observer to delve into the realm of eco-consciousness. This year’s Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail also forms part of Ku-ring-gai's Eco Festival, an event that underscores the importance of mindful living and environmental management. 

Cockatoo sculpture
Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail - Cockatoo Sculpture

The trail will showcase the skill and imagination of both renowned artists and emerging talent from across Ku-ring-gai. This year, Artists are invited to create on-theme sculptures to be displayed outdoors at the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden in St Ives from September 1 through to October 7. And everyone is welcome! There are three separate categories catering to all age groups, 14 and under, 15-24, and over 24.

A plethora of prizes up for grabs

If showcasing your masterpiece in the picturesque setting that is the Wildflower Gardens wasn’t enough… What about the opportunity to win over $5000 worth of prizes? And don’t worry, nobody misses out. There's a prize for every age group, whether it's a cash reward or an unforgettable excursion at the Wildflower Garden, the accolades are as diverse as the artworks themselves.

Bumblebee sculpture
Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail - Bumblebee Sculpture

Entries are now open - closing July 28th

  • Junior Category submissions for individual or group artists 14 years and under (individual prize of $250 and a group prize of a full-day excursion at the Wildflower Garden).

  • Youth Category submissions for artists 15 to 24 years (individual prize of $500 and runner-up $250).

  • Open Category submissions for artists over 24 years (individual prize of $3000 and runner-up $1000).

Key dates

  • Saturday July 28th: Entries close 4pm.

  • August 2nd: Selected artists will be notified by this date.

  • August 18th: Artists must provide photos of completed works by 4pm.

  • August 28-29th: Installation between 8am - 4pm.

  • August 30th: Judging & Awards presentation.

Forest garden sculpture
Ku-ring-gai Sculpture Trail - Forest garden sculpture


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