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Sydney Grammar School Overview

Helping young boys grow into creative, intuitive and sensitive young men.

Sydney Grammar School Overview

Sydney Grammar School is an independent selective boys’ school and one of Australia’s oldest schools, officially founded in 1854. Exactly 100 years later St Ives Preparatory School was established on the site of a former orchard - some of the original pear trees can be found on the grounds. The cottage style building held 85 students.

Today, the expanded and modernised school enrols over 400 boys each year, educating them from pre-school to Year 6, priming them for transition to the high school in College Street, Sydney.

“Our school is suited to curious boys who love learning, enjoy asking questions and thinking deeply,” says current Headmaster, Ian Stephens.

“Grammar boys love being busy and seek engagement and connection. All our learning is done within the context of a relationship.”

Ian has been headmaster of St Ives for almost nine years. Prior to that he was headmaster at the other prep school in Edgecliff for 10 years.

“It is a privilege to spend my day with these extraordinary boys and I honestly never tire of their hunger to learn, their capacity to do amazing things, their unquenchable and sometimes exhausting energy, and their humour.”

The school puts strong focus on reading, music, and sport, enforcing ideals of collaboration, self-discipline and curiosity.

“We prioritise attitude and effort over performance because we believe that the process of learning is just as important as the product. We emphasise learning in collaboration because social skills are essential for a happy and productive life,” explains Mr Stephens.

“We are very interested in what sort of men our boys will grow up to be and are mindful of the influence we can have in their formative years. The values we instil and modelling from the key adults in their lives play a crucial role in their development. We understand that a Grammar education will give them enormous opportunities in life, and we want them to make a positive difference in the world they will grow up into.”

Mr Stephens shares his own love of reading (Tolkien is a favourite), shark diving (personal videos are essential), classical music (the school has a full symphony orchestra of over 100 boys) and sport (you can love reading and science and display excellence in sport!)

He is both a dedicated and grateful headmaster.

“SGS is an extraordinary place and I am still pinching myself that I am part of this family after all these years.”


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