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Rosedale Farm - Kids and Horses

If you have a budding horse fanatic and would like to get them closer to these beautiful animals, Rosedale Farm's resident agister, Tara Reid, is offering a range of carefully curated programs for local kids.

Coming up is a 9 week Horses and Art equine assisted-learning program, running every Tuesday, from April 19 to June 21.

The course is ideal for children 7-12 yo and focuses on critical life skills, such as communication, relationship-building and teamwork, whilst increasing self-awareness, emotional regulation and learning mindfulness practices. During each program children will be developing their skills through activities such as:

- Recognising and interpreting equine body language.

- Learning how to have safe and respectful interactions with horses.

- Grooming and leading correctly.

- Drawing, painting and other nature-inspired creative activities. - (This is a no-riding program)

Tara is an experienced facilitator with extensive equine management experience. She is passionate about sharing her love of horses with others, which is what’s motivated her to run these courses for the local community.

Next course - April 20 to June 22

Contact Tara on 0422 002 990 or


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