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Founder of Swell Physio and Pilates is Changing Physio

Our bodies are the only thing we’ll have forever, so it’s important to keep them in the best possible condition. Thankfully, there is physiotherapy in Sutherland Shire. Locals have Swell Physio and Pilates. We caught up with their founder, Shire local, James Wood, to find out more about what he and Swell are doing differently and how it benefits the community.

Swell Physio and Pilates Founder James Wood

James Wood and Origins of Swell Physio and Pilates

James came to physiotherapy as many do, through a keen interest in sport and a curiosity in movement and muscular mechanics. However, he found that the industry lacked personalisation and wanted to delve more into treating the individual rather than just the injury. Thus Swell was born;

“I wanted to add value to the community and build a place that is primarily focused on helping people. I’ve worked throughout Sydney in my career and always struggled when friends asked, “Who do you recommend in the Shire for physio?”. People will look for different ways to recover from injury and pain; I hope I can provide somewhere that helps people who want a holistic approach, are looking to understand their issue more fully, and wanting to be empowered in their recovery,” James explained.

“Clients immediately feel comfortable when they enter Swell. Many of them have found gyms or larger Pilates classes intimidating, so I’ve created an atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxing to allow people a comfortable space to exercise or recover from pain or injury. Because the feel of the space puts them at ease, they are less tense and guarded in their body, meaning they have a better session, and leave feeling amazing.”

Physiotherapy and Pilates treatment in Cronulla

Whole Person Physiotherapy in Sutherland Shire

Since it’s opening in March 2022, James has been demonstrating that Swell skews away from the hyper-isolating approaches of more traditional physiotherapy practices and clinics typically offer.

“We provide a genuine personalised touch. In physio, we treat the whole person. That means assessing how your whole body is moving and how this impacts on the problem area, to understand the actual causes of your pain. It also means understanding the influences of other parts of your life, this includes stress, sleep, diet, and more.” Said James.

“I have done a huge amount of training in ConnectTherapy and the Thoracic Ring Approach, which are ways to assess which parts of your body are causing pain, and how to most effectively treat it. Maybe your old knee injury is altering how you squat, leading to your current back pain.

Traditional forms of physio don’t go beyond the immediate area of pain, meaning the underlying cause often gets missed, and the pain can return. We will definitely treat the current issue, but when we identify why the problem exists, you get better faster, and for good.”

Swell Physio & Pilates treatment Cronulla

James has recognised not only the importance of a person’s lifestyle on their health and wellbeing but also how their community can impact approaches to health.

We provide a different options for physiotherapy in Sutherland Shire and Cronulla. Most physiotherapy in the area is very limited in its approach. A heat pack, massage, and pre-printed exercise sheet for every person. No two injuries are the same because no two people are the same, so the treatment should always be tailored, and that’s what we do. Our sessions will be completely different for every person, depending on what they need.

James has expressed deep gratitude to The Shire community for how well Swell has been received noting that it has been “Fantastically humbling”.

“I’ve built some great relationships with specialists, GPs, other allied health, local business owners, and have some incredible clients who refer everyone they speak to! I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received from the community.”

If you’re looking for physio & pilates that’s done differently, you simply must try Swell.

Head to their website to book an appointment online or call the clinic on 02 7253 8577.

Swell Physio and Pilates can be found at 2/25 Cronulla Street, Cronulla 2230

By Isabella Edwards


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