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Garçon French Bistro in Glebe


Garçon is a classic French-inspired bistro with a little je ne sais quoi.

Garcon French bistro in Glebe

Starting as the Tram Sheds

Built in 1904, the historic Tram Sheds in Forest Lodge (once called the Rozelle Tram Depot), have seen a lot of foot traffic in their time, and were known as an important hub for people who would meet and socialise on their daily commute through the city.

They have since been transformed. In 2016, the Tram Sheds were reopened to locals and visitors, who are now flocking there again, not just to socialise, but to experience the culinary creativity for which it has gained a distinguished reputation.

And there, in the beating heart of the Tram Sheds, one restaurant deserves that reputation as the place to visit: Garçon.

Garçon is a French-inspired bistro with something for everyone. Diners can choose from an extensive brunch, lunch and crêpe menu, as well as a wide-ranging Spritzer, fine wine and cocktail list.

Signature dish at Garcon French bistro

Interview with Garcon French Bistro Owner, Paul Sadana

Neighbourhood Media caught up with Paul Sadana, the owner of Garçon at the Tram Sheds, to find out what on the menu is making it such a popular destination for foodies.

Always popular with Garçon diners, Paul reveals, are their delicious range of crêpes, which are prepared in plain view on their custom-made carts. It’s not just a dining experience for guests, but a visual spectacle as you watch your food being made before you.

From the savoury selection, one of the more popular dishes is the Smoked Salmon Crêpe, following a traditional French style filled with smoked salmon, spinach, sour cream & avocado.

For the sweet tooth in the house, the OREO crêpe, made with chocolate sauce, Oreo bites, whipped cream, brownie bites, vanilla ice cream and M&Ms, is a winner every time!

If free-flowing champagne sounds like your style, then Paul suggests Garçon’s weekend brunch menu for only $69. With a 3-course meal and 90 minutes of bottomless champagne, it is certain to get you in the mood for some Christmas shopping!

Brunch menu at Garcon French bistro

To book a table at Garçon, simply jump online and visit their website for details. You can also drop by (although they do recommend pre-booking on weekends to avoid disappointment).

Note: one of the great features of dining at the Tram Sheds is the free 2-hour parking on site.


Tenancy 4, Tramsheds

1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge NSW 2037

Ph: 0414 444 551 / 0450 026 400


INSTA: @garconsydney FB: @garconsydney



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