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Feast Your Eyes on the Chinese New Year!

Chinese food culture is deeply rooted in tradition, and during Chinese New Year celebrations it couldn’t be more evident. This year’s Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 12th February 2021 and there are plenty of foodie options on offer.

For the Chinese people, the New Year Feast is not just about having a big or lavish meal, it’s more about the symbolism of each dish and the sharing of it amongst family and friends. Doing it the right way is thought to bring luck and prosperity for the coming year.

The most important meal during this 16-day festival is the ‘Reunion’ dinner celebrated on Chinese New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when family and friends will travel from afar to get together and share in a huge carefully planned feast. Typical dishes include whole fish, dumplings, and spring rolls.

Their symbolism of food comes from the name and the appearance of the food. For example, the word for Fish in Chinese also sounds like the word for prosperous. Dumplings are thought to look like Chinese traditional silver ingots & spring rolls like gold bars, thus signifying wealth, which means you have permission to eat a lot!

This time of the year is by far the best time to venture out and tantalise your taste buds whilst enjoying the festivities. The City of Sydney has a month-long schedule of entertainment and experiences, including restaurant suggestions, listed on their Whats’ On page for you to enjoy.

It’s also worth checking out your local Chinese restaurant as it’s at this time they are most likely offering a New Year inspired banquet or menu. Our favourites include Chin Chin in Surry Hills or Lotus in the CBD. Bodhi Restaurant and Bar is your vegan choice. For a dumpling takeaway fix check out Surry Hills Dumpling at 240 Elizabeth Street, where you will find a great variety on offer at fantastic prices.

If you are more the homebody type and let’s face it who isn’t these days, then why not make your own? The most traditional of the dishes, dumplings, are readily available in a large variety of flavours in not only specialty Chinese stores, but also your local Coles or Woolworths. Ready-made, all you need do is steam, boil or fry and you have a feast fit for the emperor!

This month-long festival is a vibrant and exciting time of the year and is also an important time for families and friends to get together. So why not take advantage of these rich cultural traditions and share in their fun and celebrations.


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