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Christian de Stoop Reflects on 17 Years of Vision Personal Training St Ives

Christian de Stoop, Director at Vision Personal Training St Ives, talks about the studio's journey and their role in the St Ives community.

personal trainer & client at gym
Nikki & Christian from Vision Personal Training St Ives

For nearly two decades, Vision Personal Training St Ives has stood as a beacon of health and wellness in the local community. As it approaches its 17th anniversary this November, Director Christian de Stoop reflects on the studio's evolution, its commitment to holistic fitness, and its deep-rooted connections within the vibrant St Ives community.

"I've been with Vision Personal Training St Ives for over 14 years now," Christian reflects, his passion evident in every word. "It feels like such a long time, yet feels like I've blinked and here I am!" 

From Personal Trainer to Vision Personal Training St Ives Director

His journey with Vision began as a Personal Trainer in 2010, a path inspired by his own experiences and a desire to make a meaningful impact on others' lives.

Over the years, Christian's role expanded alongside the studio's growth. From Personal Trainer to Studio Manager, and eventually to Director, his involvement deepened, reflecting the studio's commitment to fostering a supportive environment for both trainers and members alike.

The Community-Centric Approach of Vision Personal Training St Ives

"What sets Vision apart is our personalised approach," Christian explains. "Every member is more than just a number – they're greeted by name as they walk in the door." This sense of community forms the cornerstone of Vision's ethos, creating a welcoming space where individuals of all backgrounds feel valued and supported on their fitness journey.

“Vision specialises in personal training and we take a holistic approach to our members results in a non-intimidating environment,” he continues. “We focus on our members’ mindsets to set them up with long and short-term goal setting. We educate our members about sustainable nutrition, and exercise practices through one-on-one sessions, educational seminars and even shopping tours at Coles in St Ives Village.

outside view of Vision Personal Training Gym
Vision Personal Training Gym

“Personal training is a great place to start,” he emphasises, “because a lot of beginners, or people not familiar with the ‘gym’, don’t know where or how to start and certainly don’t want to hurt themselves. 

“I find the top 5 reasons why people engage with a personal trainer are usually because they are seeking: motivation; accountability; they need help with structure or routine; they don’t know when or how to do it; and they don’t want to get injured.”

Holistic Health & Wellness: Vision Personal Training's Impact in St Ives

For many members, Vision Personal Training St Ives is more than just a gym – it's a home away from home, a place where lasting friendships are formed and fitness goals are achieved together. "Many of my clients have been training with me for 14 years, or close to it," Christian shares proudly. "We've built a strong community here, one that extends far beyond the walls of the studio."

But Vision's impact extends beyond fitness; it's deeply intertwined with the fabric of the St Ives community. "We've supported many local businesses, schools, and sports teams over the years," Christian explains. "And our partnership with Beyond Blue underscores our commitment to holistic well-being, recognising the vital link between physical health and mental wellness.

Mental health, or our emotions, is our most important “E-factor”. (Our 4 E-factors are: Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise). We know that a healthy body starts with a healthy mind. The importance of exercise in an effective mental health plan is well known, and I am a strong advocate for health in the holistic approach – from a strong physical body to a healthy mind.”

Reflecting on his time in St Ives, Christian emphasises the special bond he's formed with the community. "It's the people that make St Ives truly special," he asserts. "The sense of support and inclusivity is palpable, and I've been privileged to work alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds, professions, and cultures."

personal trainer in gym
Christian from Vision Personal Training

Christian's journey with Vision Personal Training has allowed him to become deeply ingrained in the community fabric, making every day a rewarding experience. 

"Some of the most rewarding moments have been witnessing clients achieve life-changing results," Christian shares. "And while accolades are nice, it's the relationships formed and the positive impact made on people's lives that truly matter."

Christian has several ‘stand-out moments’ during his many years at Vision PT St Ives

“Among the most rewarding is the privilege of helping clients achieve life-changing results, such as losing over 30-40 kilos.

“Some of my proudest moments are being a finalist as both an international manager and personal trainer of the year (close both times, but no cigar!). Our studio has proudly won numerous Vision network awards, from being a “Gold Star” studio, to awards for the highest retention of members among our network of studios.”

As Vision Personal Training St Ives looks towards the future, Christian remains committed to empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. "Our journey is far from over," he concludes. "Together, we'll continue shaping lives and building a stronger, healthier community for years to come."

Christian’s local recommendations for best restaurant and dish?

Gosh, I don’t eat out a whole lot, and if I do, it’s generally a salad or poached eggs on toast (boring, I know!). I’m a sucker for good sushi though, so if I stray from the usual, you might see me at the Sushi Train!

Best retailer?

I love to run, and naturally, I value having a good pair of shoes to run in! I always recommend our members visit John Rae, from Shoe Guru, to find a good fit. John is also just as passionate about health and fitness and he loves nothing more than to see his customers enjoying exercise in shoes he’s helped them find.

Best local cafe/coffee?

Ethan and Angela, the owners of Milligram, will look after you with a great coffee. I’m up between 4.00 am – 4.30 am most mornings of the week, so trust me when I say I love coffee! I like going to Milligram because apart from great coffee, they’re always so friendly.

Address: 164A Mona Vale Road, St Ives. (Next to Apol / Guzman Y Gomez)

Phone: 9440 3910


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