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Bec and Bel, Sustainable, Affordable Designer Fashion

2066 magazine caught up with Rebeca Carter and Belinda Beck, the talented duo behind Bec & Bel designer clothing in Lane Cove, who told us about their exciting business project.

By Alec Smart

Bec and Bel store front

Bec and Bel Origins

* How did the pair of you meet and decide to launch this venture together?

We met 9 years ago when our kids started school in the same local Primary School. When Covid hit, Bec had to close her Travel Marketing Business and Bel's contract as a lawyer was not renewed. As we were jobless, we decided to sell some of our designer clothing and bags in a consignment store in the Eastern Suburbs. However, very quickly we realised that there were not many consignment stores in the North Shore of Sydney so we decided to launch our own store with a strong online presence.

* What range of products do you retail?

We consign mid to high end designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories (belts, scarves and sunglasses). Some of our favourite brands are Zimmermann, Camilla, Scanlan Theodore, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.

* Is consignment-selling a significant part of your business?

The consignment-selling IS our business model. Most of our consignors (the ladies who give us their items on consignment for us to sell on their behalf) are also our best clients (they prefer to have a credit note to spend it in our store instead of cash).

* How important are fashion trends in the designer clothing market?

We genuinely believe that "trends" are not in. That's not the way to go about fashion. For us, clothes are what make you feel. An outfit can empower you, give you more confidence and change your mood.... so, if you love it, wear it, and forget whether it’s trendy or not.

* You provide sustainable, affordable designer fashion for women - what do these terms mean for someone new to buying designer clothing?

One of the reasons high-end designer brands are expensive is because the quality of the textiles they use is superior to fast fashion. We believe that it is wiser to buy less items, but better quality. They will last you far longer, they will fit you amazingly, and to re-use is better for the planet.

* How important is accessorising your wardrobe with shoes, handbags, and jewellery to compliment an outfit?

Accessories are everything! You can be wearing a simple black dress to a cocktail event but if you accessorize it with an amazing statement necklace and fabulous shoes, then you will stand out for sure.

* Anything you’d like to add?

We are a finalist in the Small Business Awards for the Northern Suburbs. We are very happy about this as we have been in operation for less than a year, so this recognition means a lot. Our hard work is paying off :)

Bec and Bel owners

Bec & Bel

Address: Shop 5, 115-119 Longueville Road, Lane Cove


Email: Link


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