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Bao wow!

When it come to delicious steamed buns, these guys bao to no one!

Belly Bao takes this simple Chinese staple and makes it a ubiquitous ingredient in a range of amazing menu items. They began as a market stall, became inhouse suppliers in a small club in Chinatown, and then opened a store on the restaurant gauntlet of King Street, Newtown. And they’re not looking back.

Now that restrictions are easing a little, you can choose to eat in, but take-away is still a popular option. The tricky bit is choosing what to have.

Classic Belly Baos come in apetite crunching flavours like panko crumbed chicken, roast pork belly, soft shell crab.

Try the bao noodles made from the same bao dough as the buns. Onion or spicy, with a variety of add-on options.

For the full bao experience, you need to try a baoger. Yes, it’s what it sounds like - a bao burger. Angus beef/ chicken / eggplant with trimmings and some optional extras. Have them with a side of fries, papaya salad, mushrooms, or Chinese broccoli.

Make sure you leave room for the bao dessert, for instance, the Gaytime Bao: golden fried house made bao, Golden Gaytime ice-cream, salted caramel, banana & coconut.

It’s licensed with a a great range of beer and cider, wine, cocktails and mocktails, or good old-fashioned tea.


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