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Newtown High School of Performing Arts - Always Performs Well

If Newtown is a hub of creative expression then it’s only natural that one of Australia’s leading performing arts schools is located right in the heart of the suburb.

Class at Newtown High School of Performing Arts

Newtown High School of Performing Arts Back Story

Newtown High School of Performing Arts (NHSPA) championed a spirit of individualism right from the get go - it was the first performing arts school of its kind in New South Wales.

Founded in 1990, it was a merger of Petersham Girls High and Newtown Boys High.

Located near the top end of King Street, the campus has received several upgrades since the inception of the school. It now includes a hard-surface playground, a grass oval, a gymnasium, dance studios, drama rooms, music practice rooms, visual arts studios, a photography room, and the Studio Theatre which is used for student productions and concerts as well as practical training.

The school also manages the large, historic St Georges Hall adjacent to it, which is used for larger productions.

Dance production at Newtown High School of Performing Arts

NHSPA is a selective school and enrolment for a majority of students includes an audition in one or more skills in dance, music, drama, or creative arts. Local students receive priority for enrolment, however talented students from outside the catchment may also apply and audition.

The school has a rich, creative environment and is an incubator for talent. Students are encouraged to both explore their individual expression as well as work collaboratively. Students from all disciplines work jointly - just like in the rea l world - to produce a larger work, for instance, a stage production.

NHSPA Graduates

Many of the school’s graduates have gone on to be successful and well-known in industries such as music, fashion, film, stage, photography, art, and writing.

In the December, 2016, a group of lucky students were given the surprise of their lives and the school garnered massive kudos when they received a visit from non-other than Justin Timberlake. The mega-star was in town to promote Trolls, and popped into a class to critique some student performances - and he was very impressed with what he saw and heard.

There’s a video of his visit on YouTube: (or search Newtown High School of the Performing Arts masterclass with Justin Timberlake).


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